“This year, the underwear, socks, sweat pants and sweat shirts have been a much needed addition to our school health office.  Thank you for all you do for the students.”

After we receive uniform requests from school staffs, the needy students in Oceanside elementary schools are provided with uniforms. These consist of two pairs of pants and three polo shirts.

Last year we provided 812 students with uniforms across eight schools.

We love the thank you notes and art that we receive from the children. We receive some great feedback from the health clerks in our annual year-end survey.


This year, through our Clothing Children Project with Kohl’s, we clothed 98 very needy and/or homeless children from the Vista school district and aided a family with three children who had been displaced by a fire in the Carlsbad school district.  Our ALNC members and the Kohl’s employees who helped with this project received many “thank yous” from the children and their families.  By the time they have shopped and waited in line to check out, they are tired and somewhat shy, but are so grateful, they often give big hugs to everyone who assisted in this worthy undertaking.

High school students shopping for new clothes

Marilyn Stoke, Jan White, , Helen Clark

Our volunteers helping with the shopping