We loan 22 “babies” to Oceanside, Vista and Carlsbad high schools. The schools incorporate the care of these “infants” into their curriculum to help students understand the challenges and demands of parenting. The dolls have computer chips that cause them to cry at all hours of the day or night and the students must figure out if they need to be changed, fed, burped or loved. The dolls also give a computerized report of how long they cried and if they were ignored or abused.

We provided 344 high school students with our computerized babies last year, in an effort to help them experience parenthood responsibility under our Baby Real Deal pregnancy prevention program.

Statistics have shown that these dolls really help teens to better understand the reality of having and caring for a baby and make them want to wait to become parents when they are older. Our “babies”, include two that are drug and alcohol affected babies – and behave that way.


The testimonials below speak highly of the effectiveness of the “babies.”BabyRealDeal-208x289

From a high school teacher – “I am just extremely grateful for the ALNC’s support and generosity in providing our teen parents the opportunity to experience Reality Works fabulous curriculum and the amazing real life infant simulators. Ever Grateful, Parenting Teacher.”

From a student – “Baby Think It Over® showed me that I don’t have the time, money or patience to care for a baby. Babysitting is fine, but having my own baby is another story.”

From a parent – “Wow! What an incredible product. My 13 year old daughter just handed back in her Baby Think It Over® and I must say that this experience not only has made an impact on her but also on her two brothers and sister. Before she had the doll, she wanted a baby and couldn’t wait to get old enough to have her own. I as a parent I was desperate to impart to her how important it is to wait. I was a teen mother and have had many rough years. I was one of the fortunate ones who ended up fighting my way out of the welfare race and worked myself through college . . . but it is rare. However, my daughter always said how much fun I seemed to have as a mother and she wants to be one too. Well, she had BTIO for 5 days and by the 4th day she was writing in her diary how much she did not like the baby and that she was not going to have a baby until she was in her 30’s, if ever. She was talking about how important college is and she doesn’t have time to take care of a baby. She was exhausted! I think this product should be mandatory in all schools from middle school up through high school. Every child should have to take the class at least once and some twice. Soon I will be moving to another school district and they do not participate in this program. It is a must that I get this started there. Thank you again for such a wonderful product!”