Three Donor Recognition Groups for Endowment Gifts


Legacy Society

Those who have included ALNC in their estate plans either by inclusion in their will, insurance policy or some other estate planning vehicle, including cash. Currently there are 4 memberships in this group. One of the anonymous donors contributed $50,000 in cash to the board designated endowment. As time passes the Legacy Society will grow and will benefit both ALNC and the communities we serve.


Legacy Society Members:
Barbara Dunn
Barbara and Rich Bradham


Founders’ Circle

We will be forever grateful to the members below who contributed $1,000 or more to the Assistance League of North Coast Endowment Fund. On May 24, 2018 the Board thanked these members of the Founders’ Circle by recognizing them at a hosted luncheon. The endowment now totals $53,375.97.

The Founders’ Circle is made up of those people who gave $1,000 as seed money to ALNC Endowment Fund. There are 31 memberships. There will be no additions to the Founders’ Circle. Our goal was met!


Founders’ Circle Members:
Richard and Mona Ackerman, Clay and Paula Alexander, Joe and Angela Bear, Rosemary Beaurline, Carol and Charlie Buel, Richard and Barbara Bradham, Ken and Helen Clark, Barbara R. Dunn, Val and Gary Flynn, Ray and Cheryl Geigle, Jim and Gail Gill, Bob and Mary Hanna, Jay and Anna Manwaring, Ed and Sandy Matheus, Mary Margaret McCormick, Glenna McShefferty, Nancy Coy Nelson, Ruth and Hank Plotkin, Nick and Carol Roberti, Ruth Schneider, Minnie Scott, Marting and Margaret Shreeve, Kriss and Bruce Stewart, Marty Ummel, Patricia Van Note, Joe and Pam Whitaker, Marjory Williams, Darcy and Steve Wolfe, and the ALNC Board of Directors 2016-2017 Dolphins


Partners for Children

There are two groups of people in the Founders’ Circle: the Dolphins and the 2016-2017 Board. In order to be able to recognize these people individually, the planned giving committee created Partners for Children. It is intended to honor anyone who has made a gift to the endowment in the amount of $500 or less. Partners for Children is open and anyone may contribute to it at any time.


Partners for Children Members:
Beverly Anderson, Rosemary Beaurline, Sophia Bouvier, Barbara Carter, Tuey Keller, Sondra Peppe, Janet Price, Anna Santas, Marilyn Stoke, Carol Williams, and Judy Vernoy


You too can join in ALNC’s dream by including us in YOUR estate plan. Questions? Contact Pam Whitaker at 760-512-3338.

“I hope that you can see from my 16 years in ALNC that we always had a dream. Do not forget that, your dream.”

Honoring the GRRREAT
(Drum roll please)

“Why Barbara?” you may ask, since we have SO many great members in ALNC. Here’s a hint…her motto is, “Tomorrow is the dreams of today.”

Let me take you back in time…not when Barbara was a pro tennis coach…not when she was Maureen Simon’s History teacher (Barbara says, “Maureen was an old student, and I was a young teacher.”)

BUT…to 1994 when Barbara retired from the work force and from volunteering. In January of 1995 her good friend and president of another Assistance League Chapter invited her to attend a meeting and to bring $60. “I went out of friendship and the rest is my fantastic 16 years in ALNC.”

And a fantastic 16 years it has been! “I was taken back by the friendliness of those I met. I was immediately asked what I would like to be involved in. I was not going to do this, but something in me could not say no.”

Her involvement over the years included:

• Worked with Homebound
• Attended a regional meeting and realized “…this was something ”
• Served as Membership Chairman from 1996-1998, one of her favorite positions as she shared her enthusiasm for ALNC with
• Met dear friends, Mary Hanna and Lillian Polzin, who together with dictionary in hand, made their first attempt at grant writing for Footsteps, and received a grant from North County Times, as well as some investment brokers, until 9/11.
• 1999 Barbara became President of ALNC and began the chartering process. “How proud and privileged I was to be involved in this once in a lifetime ” ALNC was now the 105th Chapter of Assistance League!
• During her presidency she, along with Diane Nau, dreamed of obtaining a building, but 9/11 squelched any hopes of funding, and soon ALNC moved into the “Little Blue House” with barely room for a conference table, and surrounded by various storage.

Returning from National Convention in 2000 Barbara noted a need for Planned Giving, and thus Sandpipers was born. Because of Sandpipers the Thrift Shop was started, survived, and flourished.

After her presidency Barbara continued as Strategic Planning Chairman, a position she held intermittently for her remaining years with ALNC.

However, in Barbara’s words, “What can I say of my 16 years!! My titles, President, Volunteer of the Year, The Great Sandpiper…the most important is and will always be I am a member of ALNC. You can’t do better than that!”

And now…Barbara is the first to notify us that she has put ALNC in her Estate Plan!!!

As she said, “I am proud to be a Legacy Society Member. I could not be anything less.” – 2005 she was chosen as Volunteer of the Year.

Barbara and Rich Bradham

Look into a young girl’s face as she picks out her very own new shoes. Something she has never done. See the wonder. How proud she will be the next day at school, ready to learn and achieve. Or watch a young man, who has been through too much in his young life, see himself as a successful grown man, because he has been given a new suit for high school graduation. Now he knows the options for success are within his reach.

These two stories are samples of the little, but sometimes life-changing impact the Assistance League of North Coast has on the children it serves. Both of us are proud of this work and hope that our bequests, and those of others, will make sure Assistance League of North Coast will be around for generations.

Gary and Val Flynn

We’ve heard so much about the Legacy Society and the Founders’ Circle, but why would we even choose to donate?

There are so many reasons.  For some it is just the altruistic desire to help, and for others it makes them feel good.  There are those who trust the organization with their money knowing it goes directly to the children, and with the Legacy Society there is the comfort in knowing your money will be well utilized in perpetuity.  We are spotlighting Val and Gary Flynn who felt it was time to give back by including Assistance League of North Coast in their estate plan.  Val notes making the initial donation in the form of a Qualified Charitable Deduction was helpful to them, since that portion of Required Minimum Distributions doesn’t have to be declared.  This can certainly be beneficial to others who desire to make such a contribution.  Val shared this with us:

“I feel a personal connection with the children for whom we buy clothing and shoes, and help provide books. When I came to the United States as an 8-year-old from a Displaced Persons’ Camp in Germany after World War II, I had “foreign” looking, old clothes, and certainly no books. And I spoke no English.

Some kind people gave me two “American” style dresses (which I remember to this day). Wearing those dresses made me feel so much just like the other kids I met in school. I visually fit in.

Coming from a DP Camp with no father, I didn’t know or understand how a normal, average family lived. At the library, I devoured biographies to better understand how “normal” people lived and thought. Those books were invaluable. They also helped me learn English.

What I was given is so like what we at Assistance League of North Coast give to the deserving children in our area. I understand what a difference it can make in a young person’s life, so including ALNC in our trust is a way Gary and I can “play it forward” to help children feel an accepted part of the school community. While clothing and shoes can help them blend in, books open new worlds to them that they may not otherwise be aware of.

Working at the Thrift Shop is so satisfying, because I know the money we make will be helping children get these books and clothes. Shopping with our daughter Lisa for the New Haven Boys was always, I think, even more satisfying for us than the boys. Lisa, having 2 teenage sons herself, so understood just what these boys would like to wear and loved helping them find just the right thing.

Recently Hurricane Harvey reminded us again that, while we wanted to help by donating money, we weren’t sure how to ensure that the money would be spent just for what it was intended – directly helping people. So when the Texas chapters of AL asked for help, we immediately felt comfortable sending our donation to them, because we knew we could trust those volunteers to spend all the money exactly how they promised.”

Val notes making the initial donation to join the Founders’ Circle in the form of a Qualified Charitable Deduction from their IRAs was helpful to them, since that portion of Required Minimum Distributions doesn’t have to be declared. This can certainly be beneficial to others who desire to make such a contribution.

Designating a gift of any amount to ALNC in your will or trust, or naming the organization as a beneficiary to an IRA or other account, also comes with benefits for you.

To learn more, contact us at 760-512-3338