Your gift to the Assistance League North Coast will help us to fulfill our vision to “be the premier philanthropic organization in Coastal North County San Diego, connecting with children in need.” Charitable gifts to the endowment ensure ALNC is financially ready to meet the needs of the community for decades to come.

Your gift and the future of ALNC support a cause that is important to you while taking advantage of the many tax benefits of making a gift

Thank you for your generous gift!

Bequest by Will/Trust

You may designate ALNC as the beneficiary of your assets by will, trust, or beneficiary designation form.

Bequest Language:

“I hereby give to the Assistance League of North Coast, a California nonprofit corporation with its principal place of business at Carlsbad, California:

The sum of $______(amount) and/or

The following described property ______(description) and/or

__________(percent) of the residue of my estate.

This gift shall be included in the Assistance League of North Coast Endowment Fund.”

Charitable Gift Annuity

This is a way to make a gift to ALNC while receiving income for the rest of your life.

• You can make a gift (cash or property) that costs nothing during your lifetime.

• You can give appreciated property or stock and get larger tax savings.

• You can get a fixed payment for life that will be partially tax-free.

• You will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the charitable gift portion of your annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trust

If you are concerned about the cost of capital gains tax with the sale of a highly appreciated asset, this maybe the charitable gift vehicle that would best suit you.

• You may fund a trust with cash or appreciated property that you will make gifts to ALNC for years to come

• You may receive income for life, for a term of up to 20 years or life you may pass inheritance on to heirs at reduced cost

• You will receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the charitable portion of your trust

• You may make a future legacy gift to ALNC

IRA Qualified Distribution

Congress has enacted a permanent IRA charitable roller. As a result you can make an IRA rollover gift this year and in future years.

• Avoid taxes on up to $100,000 by making a gift to ALNC

• Use your RMD for the year

• Reduce your taxable income

• Support ALNC, your favorite charity


Contact your plan administrator to make a gift, they will transfer your funds directly to ALNC:
Paula Alexander to notify of transfer: or 760 480-8910

Beneficiary Designation GIfts

You can designate ALNC as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment or bank account of your life insurance policy.

• Contact the person who generally helps you with your account.

• Ask for a new beneficiary designation form.

• Complete form, sign it and mail back to the person who helps with your account.

• When you die, your account or insurance policy will be paid or transferred to ALNC according to how you designated.

Should you have questions about making one of these gifts please contact either of our members below:
Pam Whitaker: (760 845-9196) or
Dani Battiest: (619 964-3030) or